Pablo on a Plane

Pablo the Great was only two and a half months old when he first boarded an aeroplane. Baba dropped them to the airport. After entering the huge airport Ma was clumsily trying to manage her luggage while managing Pablo in his sling. Pablo was curiously looking around. Pablo found everything around him so big and … Continue reading Pablo on a Plane


Ri and Sid

Suparna had told Rhea that Siddhartha was exceptionally handsome and it wouldn’t take any effort to recognize him in a crowd. Suparna was right. Rhea could spot Siddhartha from across the street. He was wearing a white shirt and denim trousers. He was fair; about 25-26 years old, almost 6 feet tall, athletic but had … Continue reading Ri and Sid

Shattered Dreams

“Bapi, I need dancing shoes” said Trina. Her dad asked inquisitively “Who needs shoes for dancing?” “Isn’t one supposed to dance barefoot” added her mother from the kitchen. “Ma, in flamenco one has to wear shoes and dance” said Trina. “Those shoes are very expensive. We cannot afford them” her mom said firmly. “But Ma, … Continue reading Shattered Dreams

Boy on a Bicycle

Trina saw her best friend Saheli and her fiancé coming. Saheli’s fiancé was a tall man who looked familiar to Trina. His eyes reminded her of Rustom, the lanky boy with piercing eyes who used to ride speedily on his bicycle below Trina’s window. Fourteen year old Trina had fallen in love with that boy … Continue reading Boy on a Bicycle

Illusory Wife

Madhavi boarded the train from Jadavpur Station. During this time of the day the train is usually empty and she was able to manage a window seat within two minutes. Madhavi loves this journey from Jadavpur to Baruipur, especially the days when she occupies a window seat. Cool air messes up her hair and she … Continue reading Illusory Wife