Old Lady and the Blue Chair

Every day, she came to my cafe exactly at 4pm. She had a petite frame and stooped while walking. She used to slowly walk towards the blue chair, pull it out, hang her umbrella from the backrest, sit down carefully and then open a book, usually the same book. I knew her food preference, cafe … Continue reading Old Lady and the Blue Chair


Spring Love

Cold winter heart, Pale and tired Searching for warmth   Like spring sunshine You came Flowers bloomed Birds crooned Clouds came Love blossomed Warm spring heart Tender and desired   Spring left soon Scorching summer Falling autumn Winter is back Memories of spring Cherished eternal Winter lasts longer Heart is cold forever.   P.S. Poetry … Continue reading Spring Love

Let Me Fall

My mom always got scared whenever I stood at the edge of the terrace wall. I often did this to tease her. I loved to see her scared and worried. She always said she would die because of me. My irresponsible antics will lead to her death. After I shifted to America, with my neighbours, … Continue reading Let Me Fall

Terribly Tiny Tale #1

She eloped with him after sunset, when the village fell asleep, with dream of a beautiful new life ahead. Next day before sunrise she found herself in a brothel. The challenge was to write a tale within 30 words using the words 'Dream', 'Sunrise' and 'Sunset'.