Is Taking Care of a Child only a Mother’s job?

Europe is my favourite destination. I love the old world charm that exudes through every corner of Europe. Therefore when this year I got an opportunity to go on a solo trip of Europe it was what we say in Hindi “sone pe suhaga”. I love to travel with my family and friends however travelling … Continue reading Is Taking Care of a Child only a Mother’s job?


Greed Begets Sin

The oldest theatre hall in the city caught fire. The firemen were trying to douse the fire. Alia could hear howling of trapped people. Her mom Sarita was ranting ‘This is sabotage. The hall was not making profit. They want to demolish it and build a new 5 star shopping Mall.’ Alia nonchalantly asked ‘how … Continue reading Greed Begets Sin

Hold My Hand

Pradeep stood awestruck gaping at the multi-storey. While growing up in a small village he never imagined that one day he would reach Chicago, America, the land of dreams. When he got the scholarship he couldn’t believe his luck and now standing here he wanted to pinch himself. He had taken a spoken English class … Continue reading Hold My Hand