Interview with Wandering Jatin(GuestPost)

As part of my blog’s first anniversary I am hosting a ‘blog party’. Today my guest is Jatin Adlakha or as popularly known Wandering Jatin (courtesy his popular namesake blog). DSC06265He is an outdoor enthusiast, avid biker, a storyteller, a nomad at heart and now Founder and Director of Wander Gupt, his own travel venture. Traveling extensively for past few years, he finally quit his job around 6 months ago to pursue his future in the field of Travel. The first few months he spent extensively exploring the Himalayas. On a personal level he was my first friend in the world of blogging and it is my absolute privilege to have him as my guest. Let’s hear more about him from himself. Enjoy!!!

1) Wandering Jatin to Wander Gupt, it has been a long journey. How would you like to recollect the journey so far?

Adventurous. And, unplanned! As much as I like to travel and explore places myself, I have also loved leading trips and treks for my friends, colleagues and friends of friends. So I guess to continue for long term in the genre of slow and experiential travel, forming my own company Wander Gupt made sense to me.
2) When did you first go on a solo bike trip?
I got my first bike as my father’s gift after I joined my first job in Jun’13. Not long after that I think, I went on first solo bike trip. I rode to Bidar, around a hundred kilometres from Hyderabad. It was quite a unique experience which got me hooked to Bike trips!
3) What were the places that you covered?
In the past 4 years, I have worked in Hyderabad and Gurgaon which allowed me to explore the weekend getaways in both South and the North. Add to that some long cross country rides which let me travel the length and breadth of the country. I have motorbiked over 70,000 kms traveling in India and Bhutan, and I have recently returned from my solo trek to Mt Everest Base Camp.
4) When did you start your blog Wandering Jatin?
May 2014. It was an attempt to document my travels.
5) When did you exactly feel that it was enough and you must quit your job and start exploring?
Close to 4 years in my corporate job, my love for outdoors weighed over the financial stability of my desk job, and that was it.
6) How did your family react to your decision?
Haha! It took them nearly 4 years of my extensive travel and 3 years of pitching in their head the idea of all-time travel for them to accept my decision when I actually put down my papers.
7) How were the first few days?
Busy. I had to pack and dispose off my belongings and vacate my flat, because I had planned roughly 3 months of bike trip to the Himalayas with my tent right after quitting my job.
8) Did you ever regret your decision to leave everything and start a nomad’s life?
9) Your best experience (during your nomadic life)?
Waking up to the sight of river flowing in the distance and a game of clouds and mountains in action, from my room window on my ride to the Himalayas.
10) Your worst experience (during your nomadic life)?
Probably proving my sanity to people for having chosen this lifestyle.
11) Tell us about Wander Gupt.
Through Wander Gupt, I aim to promote an uninitiated the philosophy and concept of unplanned Travel which I have experienced and enjoyed for years. I have come to rely on the plans of the road and the surprises it has for me, and I intend to make people experience the unplanned travel where they don’t have itineraries to execute and rather delve into immersive experiential travel. To start with, the destination itself is going to be a surprise or the route we’ll take. I will be giving roughly what is to be expected on the journey.
12) Anything you want to share from the Himalayan ride?
It makes me happy to tell you that on my Himalayan ride, I trekked to Kedarnath jyotirlinga, and with that, I have visited 11 of the 12 jyotirlingas. I find Lord Shiva very intriguing and fascinating.

13) What are the places in your bucket list that you wish to explore in 2018?
I don’t maintain a bucketlist. I don’t have any plans except for the first trip with Wander Gupt which happens ‘somewhere’ in Himachal during 26th Jan to 28th Jan.
14) What are the perils of living a nomadic life?
The good bye’s maybe.
15) What would be your suggestion/advice to those who would like to pursue a nomadic life like yours.
If you’re confident in yourself, just do it.


This post is part of ‘Wanderful Wednesday Travelogues’. If you have a travel story to share do link up. Link your post to this post and leave a comment.


9 thoughts on “Interview with Wandering Jatin(GuestPost)

  1. the bespectacled mother says:

    This was interesting. It takes a lot of passion to do something like this – giving up on financial stability for hitting the roads. I may be a tourist at heart wanting most of my comforts on trips but I have huge respect for travellers. Maybe because it is aspirational for me.
    As I said last time, Balaka, keep the guest posts coming. Fiction on blogs may not interest me much but I love reading travel stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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