Charles Bridge, Prague #WanderfulWednesday

Charles Bridge is undoubtedly the most romantic destination of Prague. It is a stone bridge built across the river Vltava. The bridge is adorned with close to 30 statues and statutes. It is a pedestrian bridge. Trust me, the best thing to do in Prague is to walk on the Charles Bridge. The Bridge is always full of people and throbbing with life.


Charles Bridge, Early in the Morning


The warm autumn Sun on the Bridge


Statues Adorning the Bridge


Walking Lazily on Charles Bridge is therapeutic


Band of Musicians on the Bridge

The day, I landed in Prague, Czech Actor Jan Triska died after falling off the Charles Bridge. Local people were convinced that it was not a suicide but accident. Triska was 80 years old and lived in the USA. He had left erstwhile Czechoslovakia, after being banned by the then Communist Regime. The following pictures are part of his memorial service that was being held on Charles Bridge. IMG_20170926_141014.jpgIMG_20170926_141014.jpg

The best view that you can see from the bridge is of the swans that swim on the river. I fell in love with them.



Prague Landscape




18 thoughts on “Charles Bridge, Prague #WanderfulWednesday

  1. Shalzmojo says:

    The pic of that band of musicians made me wanna be right there on that bridge Balaka; the buzz in the air of such events is just amazing and I love being a part of them. The swans looked surreal and I am green with envy – you got to see them gliding on the water!
    Sad to hear about the 80 year old actor – I hope his soul rests in peace!!

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