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Name of Book: Diary of a Baby

About the author: Mahak Wadhwani is a career woman turned mom to a 2-year-old and a blogger on Baby & Beyond. She landed headfirst into a life of pooplosions, 3 am feeds, teething & toddler tantrums – a life so exciting that she just had to share her journey with the world.

Book Blurb: Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your baby’s mind? “Diary of a Baby” is a candid, witty take on life from a baby’s perspective written as diary entries, followed by an interpretation phases of baby’s life from the author’s own parenting experience.

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Review: I loved this book because it is written from the viewpoint of an infant. The title itself intrigued me to read this book. The story begins when the baby in inside Mommy, followed by delivery. The second reason why I chose this book is because long back I had also written similar stories, Pablo is Born and Pablo on a Plane and perhaps that is the reason why the book excited me.

In the book the author gives us information at the end of chapters on the various nuances of child birth and infancy. She also shares her real experiences there. Most of us who have been through the process of raising an infant would be able to identify with what Mahak went through.

The names of chapters are also very nicely selected. Through the voice of the infant Mahak actually manages to capture all the emotions that we go through after the baby is born. For example how the massage is the bonding time for mother and child and how the child misses the Dad. The fact that most of us spend our initial days in our maternal house and how it takes time for the child to adjust to the new home have been beautifully captured.

I was in splits when I read the line “Of course Mamma spends most of the time googling why my baby won’t sleep.” I guess all of us moms are guilty of doing this. The sixth chapter is equally hilarious where the baby successfully diffuses a potentially dangerous situation (A date night of Mamma and Pappa). In chapter 8, baby N gets a fall and mamma is scared, guilty and miserable all through the day. All of us have faced this situation and Mahak wrote this chapter with an amazing sensitivity.

In chapter 11, Mahak writes about how switches attract babies. This particular chapter made me so nostalgic because my son used to do the same. Most kids love to play with keys, remotes, utensils and mobile phones instead of toys at a certain age. I really appreciate Mahak for being able to put herself in the shoes of a toddler and write this chapter. The chapter is comical. In chapter 12 separation anxiety is discussed and I guess again all of us will be able to relate. My son even now bangs my door each time and I go inside the bathroom. He is 10 years old. Phew!!

This book is an amazing read for all mommies and daddies who are dealing with infants or toddlers at the moment. Even for veteran parents this book would be a great fun read. This book is hilarious and informative. It would surely bring a smile on your face.


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5 thoughts on “Book Review- Diary of a Baby #BlogchatterEbookReviews

  1. babyandbeyondin says:

    Oh gosh…so the going-to-the-washroom bit doesn’t get easier even after 10 years?! Haha! Thank you so much for the lovely review. So happy to know that even parents of older kids are having fun reminiscing along with this book

    Liked by 1 person

    • Balaka says:

      Parenting goes through various phases. As a new mom I used to feel overwhelmed but now I feel those days were easier. As my son is nearing his teens I am dreading, because it is no more just cleaning poop there is so much to clean up. Happy parenting. This is one beautiful journey for sure.


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