When My House Flooded #writebravely #WTFOW2018

I was newly married and living abroad. One morning, I got a frantic call from my dad’s part-time maid. She said “Didi, there have been heavy rains and our neighbourhood flooded. Your dad has got a high fever. He is unable to get up from the bed and the whole house is filled with drain-water.”

It goes without saying that I was unable to sleep the whole night. My husband understood my anxiety and booked tickets. Next evening, I reached India.

The municipality had installed a pump and drained out the water but that was obviously not enough. When I entered the house 1 foot of mud, plastic and garbage greeted me. The whole house was in a mess would be an understatement.

My dad was lying on the bed semi-conscious. I did not understand how to start cleaning up. The whole house was stinking and everything was moist if not wet. I wasted no time. I kept my luggage and called the family doctor to come over. I took the broom and mop and started cleaning.

Water had entered even the cupboards; therefore everything inside it was wet. My dad was a bibliophile and our house used to be full of books. My regular readers would also remember how my dad inherited books from Mr.J.N.Bhattacharya. All those books lay wet on the bookshelf.

The worst was when I opened my mom’s cupboard- Ever since she died, Dad used to be possessive about that cupboard. He never allowed anyone to touch that. He used to not even allow me to wear the sarees of Mom. Once my mom’s sister had asked him to donate her belongings to the poor as it was of no use and only occupying space in the house. My dad got so angry that he stopped talking to her- However, that day, all of mom’s sarees were jumbled and wet inside the cupboard. They were old and had stayed locked inside the cupboard for long and therefore when I started pulling them out most of them started tearing into shreds of threads. My mom’s wedding benarasi saree was also now nothing more than a heap of threads. It was heartbreaking for me to see those lovely sarees in shreds.

Next, I tried to salvage the book almirah, however, the situation was no better there. All books were wet and pages were falling off. I brought them out and spread on the balcony.

The real shock was waiting inside my dad’s almirah. He had kept my wedding album in the bottom drawer and when I opened I saw my album was sinking like Titanic in it. I couldn’t control my tears. I had not even shown it to most of my friends and family and here it was sinking. All the photos were wet and within a week most of them wilted.

The one that survived

The next day, while still reeling in shock of losing so many memorable things I opened my study table. When I opened it, suddenly an envelope fell from it. I picked it up and found few photos from our honeymoon inside. They were thankfully dry. We had gone to Shimla for our honeymoon and clicked some ‘stupid’ photos in local costumes.



One of the Stupid Photos

Both of us had felt extremely embarrassed of those. Husband had asked me to not show it to anybody and throw it away but I had hidden it in a nook of my study table. Even through despair, those stupid photos brought a smile to my face. Those are the only memories of our newly married days that remain.



Write Tribe

Prompt: A dark and heavy storm suddenly takes over your neighborhood, dropping 6 feet of water so quickly that the storm drains can’t handle it. The water flooded your street and your basement, ruining many of your things. As you rummage through your stuff, you are filled with memories. Think about your…


45 thoughts on “When My House Flooded #writebravely #WTFOW2018

  1. Todd says:

    Wow – what a loss. I’m glad everyone was OK but it is sad to see so many things important to everyone completely lost.

    I liked the silly photos – they’re fun. Even if you did have the other wedding album, I’m glad you kept them as well. They’re part of the story and as much who you are as the album you lost.

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  2. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden) says:

    Something like this happened to parts of my neighborhood in September of 2011 – we were spared (although we did lose things in our basement, including holiday decorations gifted to me by a friend who had passed away some 15 years before) so I have a (small, very small) experience of going through this type of event. I feel greatly for you and the memories this left in ruins and the suffering you and your Dad went through.

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  3. the bespectacled mother says:

    It must have been such a task of cleaning up the house. It is hard to imagine for me how do people deal with losses caused due to natural calamity. Thank goodness at least one of your memory, which was stored in the house, got saved. Didn’t our paths cross in Shimla? I must have been there too.

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  4. Suzy says:

    That is truly a great loss. But glad that all of you were okay. Sad to lose so many things associated with many memories, but memories never die, they remain in our hearts and minds. Liked the photos even though you think they are stupid.

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  5. BellyBytes says:

    What a sad story that was. I couldn’t possibly “like” it and felt bad to share it . But let me tell you quite honestly looking at wedding albums only reminds you of how slim and sexy you once were 😉 . Also no one really looks at them …. your precious memories will remain in your heart forever ….

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  6. mommytincture says:

    That was a nice diary entry. A honeymoon in Shimla. That’s nice. Hailing from Chandigarh Shimla remains my number one go to place for a day out whenever I visit my parents. Oh yes! My husband is so fond of photographs in local attires that we get one clicked where ever we go. I have one in Sikkim, Shimla and Jaipur. Imagine!

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    • Balaka says:

      Ha ha ha…we just clicked once..after that never ever…we feel so embarrassed about these photos. Shimla is a beautiful place. We stayed 2 days in Chandigarh on our return.


  7. Sonia Chatterjee says:

    That was such a huge loss. Uncle must have felt devastated. But it was good to know that some pictures were still saved. And you look so cute in these two pics. Congratulations on completing this challenge successfully.

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    • Balaka says:

      Yes Bapi was devastated but strangely I thought he would be upset about losing ma’s belongings but he felt sorry about losing my wedding album more.
      Congratulations to you as well for completing the challenge.

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  8. vartikasdiary says:

    It was a big loss indeed Balaka. There are hidden sentiments in many materialistic things which remind us of some occasions, person, childhood memories etc. I’m glad your father was fine and you could save atleast a few pictures of your honeymoon. I had a similar experience of losing my precious belongings when there was a robbery at my home few years back. It was ransacked and the robbers destroyed each and everything. All of us were safe thankfully but were left with absolutely nothing and had to settle with the thought that memories can be recreated, people can’t be.

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      • vartikasdiary says:

        yes. It used to be on rent those days but there were no tenants when the robbery took place. My parents were in different city. My father was diagnosed with a deadly disease and we were already fighting with the situation and had to leave for Delhi in the night when we got the call from neighbors early morning about the mishap. It was an hour drive, and luckily I went to stay with my parents those days because of my father’s health so we all went to check what happened and what we saw cant be explained in words. I never saw my Dad crying before. Everything was broken, absolutely every single thing. I am in tears while typing this.

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  9. Rashmi says:

    Oh, my! That was some loss! But the ohotos brought a smile to my face too 🙂
    Sometimes life surprises us by salvaging the very thing we hadn’t paid too much attention to – only making us take a good look at them once again.

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