Happy Birthday to me #MondayMusings

Happy birthday to me. Oh yes!! Today is my birthday. Readers, you can take this ‘August’ opportunity to wish me, I would be flattered. However, at home, I have firmly asked the husband and the kid not to do anything for my birthday. No celebrations, no wishes, no gifts, no dining out, no cakes, no flowers, and no candles. Like obedient boys, they immediately canceled all plans, whatsoever. And, now I realize, there is actually going to be nothing for my birthday and in a desperate attempt to salvage the situation, I call few friends for lunch and write this post so that fellow bloggers at least do something. When I said, I do not want a celebration, I had thought that the boys would coax and cajole me to party or at least give me a gift, but NADA!!, they just obeyed. I wonder, why don’t they be this obedient when I ask them to put dirty clothes in the laundry basket or put the dirty plate in the washbasin. Why this selective obedience?

In the last thirteen years of marriage, I have asked the man thirteen hundred thousand crore times not to put his clothes on the floor of the shower, not to leave a trail of clothes and accessories from the entrance to the balcony after returning from office, not to put wet towel on the bed/sofa, not to fold the cushions after sitting on the sofa, not to put his dirty feet on white couch, not to put food stains on the white tiles, not to keep his watch and purse on the altar of the living room, not to keep important documents lying around in the living room, not to confuse dry and wet waste, not to smear the oven with flour, not to leave vegetable peels on the kitchen counter, not to keep the cupboard door open after taking out clothes, not to wear grey colour t-shirt when we go out, not to let his mother make me perform religious fastings/rituals, not to bring suitcase full of eatables from his native village, not to ask me to cook something after I have finished cooking something else, not to drag me to houses of irritating relatives, not to invite guests without asking me, not to buy snacks items that nobody likes to eat, not to discuss stock markets and dollar rates with me, not to watch prank videos (without earphones) till the middle of the night, not to watch melodramatic movies from the 80s, not to listen to the same folk song every morning, etcetera etcetera. He never listened to any single one of these, and then once in 13 years, I said that I don’t want to do anything for my birthday and he becomes THE MOST OBEDIENT HUSBAND in this whole world and obeys to the T.

In a desperate attempt to cheer up, I am trying to convince myself that after forty birthday should be celebrated in a meaningful way, it should be celebrated by pondering at the good and bad things of life. To learn from the mistakes and feel grateful for the good things and we should take this opportunity to give back to the world, blah!blah!.(but my mind is still cribbing about the missed Dutch truffle with forty (+) candles jostling for space on top of it).

Nevertheless, a birthday is just another day, just another routine day with no meaningful conversations, another day to sit by the window and do work, another day to read a book or watch a movie. At the end of the day, it is just another day. Amen!!!

P.S. The post was written in anticipation that there would be no celebration BUT from secret sources (read son) I got the information that a table has been booked in a nearby restaurant for dinner…..and with this he proves his disobedient nature once again..

So, stay tuned for updates on the celebration. OMG!! I am such an attention seeking typical leo😜😜😜

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24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me #MondayMusings

  1. Unishta says:

    Happy birthday Balaka! Surprise celebrations really do take one by surprise . And honestly if your husband obeyed you and did EXACTLY as you said , won’t life be boring ? No fights to sort out . No grumbles to share with your friends .
    Wishing you and your adorable family many more years of happiness and togetherness. Happy birthday dear and cheers !

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  2. vishalbheeroo says:

    Wow! And I thought am the only one not believing in celebration and treating it as just another. I agree with your list for hate being in the company of irritating relatives and those rituals which I find stupid. Have an amazing birthday Balaka.

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  3. writershilpa says:

    Sweetie, your husband is not the only husband who does all of the above things you mentioned! I could say DITTO to almost 95% of the things your guy does!!! I hope these words give you solace that you aren’t alone in all this suffering. Main hoo na! ;P

    Men are like that only. They have that obedience issue where they listen to only 5% of what you want them to do for you. The rest falls on deaf ears. What to do? You just have to accept them as they are!

    But, I am glad they gave you a dinner party…something is better than nothing, right?


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  4. the bespectacled mother says:

    Hahaha… I wished myself the same last year ‘Happy Birthday to me’ because the other 2 humans in the house did not give a damn to my special day. The Facebook group of bloggers saved the day for me with their wishes. I cribbed because sirf duniya kare wish to hum kya jawab dein, unko na ho khayal to hum kya jawab dein.
    Then this year happened jab duniya ne bhi mujhe bhula diya. However, I did get a jugaadu card made from torn lined paper out of a notebook scribbled with illegible handwriting reminding me my age. I have 2 more years to go before hitting 40 and I have already lost all ras in sansaar.
    Your details of the instances of your husband’s disobedience were hilarious and I was nodding at many of them. I am glad your day ended on a dinnery note.

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  5. Shalzmojo says:

    Oh wow this was so much fun to read Balaka. But tell me why did you ask for no celebrations? Being a drama queen – right? You Leos!!!! πŸ˜‰

    Hope the birthday was fun fun fun and there was loads of celebrations!!

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    • Balaka says:

      You are bang on..it was a typical Leo drama queen thing..but I guess the man is also now used to my drama..so he just ignored πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
      I am glad you had fun reading this post😍😍


  6. Anshu Bhojnagarwala says:

    Belated birthday wishes once again, Balaka! It was your birthday, so your husband was being an obedient husband for once. Ha ha! They do things to suit their purpose!

    It doesn’t matter whether you are forty or eighty – a birthday is a cause for celebration. It’s another day by the window or at work – but still mann mein toh laddoo phootte hain na.

    Glad you had a joyful birthday celebrations with your friends and the secret birthday dinner with your family! Do tell what happened – did you get your Dutch Truffle with all the fanfare?

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