Branches of Faith #Thursday Tree Love


Kolkata is famous for Kalighat Kali temple, however, my personal favorite is Dakshineswar which is situated in the northern part of the city, on the banks of the Ganges river. Every year. during my annual visits to Kolkata, I visit this temple.

I had taken my then fiance now husband to this temple to seek blessings when we met for the first time. We had an arranged marriage, we met through an online wedding portal. For the first few months, we exchanged emails, yahoo chat messages, and ISD phone calls and then he came to India and we met for the first time at the airport. His cousin and niece had also come. From the airport, all of us went to Dakhshineswar and from there we went to meet my father at my home.

This year, when I visited Dakshineswar, I saw these beautiful branches near to the temple and couldn’t resist clicking them for Parul’s #ThursdayTreeLove



8 thoughts on “Branches of Faith #Thursday Tree Love

  1. Parul Thakur says:

    I love that shot. Personally I love the trees in temples and schools. I feel they have stories in them. And see this one holds your story. I would love to once visit Calcutta. 🙂
    Thanks for joining, Balaka. I hope to see you tomorrow.

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