Theme Reveal for A-Z Challenge 2020

The year 2020 is no wonder out of a Science Fiction. I agree that this year was written by Stephen King. The year so far seems eerie and sinister and I would happily jump on a time machine to go back to 2019, where I made such lovely memories. I was deliberating on a theme … Continue reading Theme Reveal for A-Z Challenge 2020


Life in the times of Corona #stayhomestaysafe

There was a time in life where I had run the house without any maid. However, back then I was a newly married girl and a smile was enough to make the husband do the dishes. A small pouty 'please' made the husband mop the floors. Thus, the hardest reality this lockdown brought in front of me is that I have grown old and no amount of smile, grin, pout is enough to make the better half move away from his laptop. Every 'please' falls to deaf ears and rather bounces back with 'cha dao' (give me tea).