Z is Zen #A-ZChallenge2020

In the first week of March, I started writing my posts for #A-Z Challenge 2020. My theme was "Love Stories". I wrote the posts but when I revealed the theme of A-Z Challenge it was different. It was no more 'love stories'. I decided to write about my feelings during the #coronavirus lockdown. It helped … Continue reading Z is Zen #A-ZChallenge2020


‘(Y)ou are a Bad Mom’- Says the Whatsapp Mommies #A-ZChallenge2020

When I feel like a confident and 'situation-under-control' Mom, I just need to read messages on one of the Mommy groups on Whatsapp. Immediately, my confidence shatters like a house of cards. There are precisely two places on Earth that can shatter my confidence as a woman. The first one is a beauty parlor and … Continue reading ‘(Y)ou are a Bad Mom’- Says the Whatsapp Mommies #A-ZChallenge2020

Xenophobia during Coronavirus Pandemic #A-ZChallenge2020

Covid19 has aggravated Xenophobia especially Sinophobia all over the world. For obvious reasons the Chinese are the worst affected. The conspiracy theories that are doing the rounds point fingers towards the Communist regime of China. As a result many common Chinese people are getting targeted. However, in many cases many non-Chinese mongoloid people are becoming … Continue reading Xenophobia during Coronavirus Pandemic #A-ZChallenge2020

Social Distancing and Social Media Challenges #A-ZChallenge2020

Social media has become extremely 'challenging' ever since people started 'social distancing'. Every other day some new challenges are coming up and I am getting tagged.  The first tag that was making the rounds to apparently create 'positivity' was the #stronggorgeouswomen. I don't know, if it created any positivity for others, for me it just … Continue reading Social Distancing and Social Media Challenges #A-ZChallenge2020