Story of an Uprooted Mango Tree during Cyclone Amphan #prayforbengal


Today, early in the morning, my cousin brother sent me this picture. This is the picture of our ancestral home in the suburbs of Kolkata. This one image depicts the damage and devastation my home state West Bengal went through in one evening due to cyclone Amphan. It was hard to recognise my own home, the home I grew up, from this image.

Looking at the uprooted mango tree, I suddenly felt as if someone in the family have died. Tears welled up in my eyes.This mango tree was not just a tree, it was a part of my childhood. I used to swing from the branches of this tree.  Me and my younger cousin brother used to play ‘hide and seek’ behind this tree. This tree used to bloom with the sweetest mangoes during the summer season. Most afternoon were spent eating mangoes. In the beginning of spring, the fragrance of raw mango pickle used to be all over the house. Later on, during the scorchy summer it used to get replaced by the smell of ripe mangoes. We used to have mango for our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even after distributing to the neighbours there used to be so many that the women in the house used to feel overwhelmed on what to do with it. I remember, my mom making aam sattwa or aam papad  in the afternoon and letting it dry on the terrace. Aam pora sherbat was a cool drink that we offered to whoever came to visit us.  So many memories of childhood are linked to this one tree that it is hard to recollect all of them. 

Our house used to be full of people back then. Over the years, my grandparents passed away followed by my parents, my uncle and two aunts. Most of us left that house and migrated to different parts of the world and country. However, the mango tree never went anywhere and stood like an old guard to the house. It was a reminder of the ‘good times’ we spent in that house. It reminded us of all the laughter and chattering that once reigned over the house. It stood there silently like the old man who inhabits dilapidated houses. But yesterday it left us. The cyclone took away an old friend. I wish a new plant grow from the seeds left behind by our dear friend. 

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Cyclone Amphan

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17 thoughts on “Story of an Uprooted Mango Tree during Cyclone Amphan #prayforbengal

  1. Shweta Suresh says:

    That’s heartbreaking. I’m so sad that Bengal has been affected so much. I hope that all your relatives are safe and well. I hope that a new tree grows from the seeds left by your beloved mango tree.

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    • Trayee Sinha says:

      Beautifully penned Balaka. Could feel every bit of it. Have gone through the similar emotion in my childhood when our Mango tree was destroyed by few neighbors with hing (assafoetida) since its branches used to hit their roof and windows. We discovered it later by then the damage was done. The tree was a part of us and losing it was as painful.

      You again touched my heart!

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  2. Nitya Neelakantan says:

    It is terrible to lose any tree, but one that is deep rooted in our memories would definitely be heart breaking. I too wish that a new sapling blossoms from what the old one let behind. My prayers to all who have lost home and heart because of Amphan.

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  3. Esha says:

    Sorry to hear about that mango tree! I can imagine the pain you must be going through seeing that! What a devastation everywhere, Tina! I’m seeing the pictures people are sharing and those sent by my cousins and it feels so terrible what a havoc Amphan created as it passed over Bengal and the adjoining areas. Horrific memories and loss of property and the livelihood for many who will take years to get back to piece together their lives from that one evening!
    So glad that you shared a slice of your childhood with us. The pain will be there but maybe a new tree will grow right there and Nature will newer its cycle once again!

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  4. Dashy says:

    It is sad to have lost a tree so dear to you. Sometimes nature’s forces can be so cruel. I hope your friends/family from there are safe and well.

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  5. Natasha says:

    This left me heart-broken, Tina. It’s painful to see the havoc that has been wrecked, and your Mango tree reminded me our our Jam (Jamun) tree from the childhood days. How we would spend afternoons plucking the Jamuns and end up with purple stained teeth and stained clothing because we had made a game out of it, by throwing it at each other.

    That tree was also felled down long back to construction.

    But I like the renewed sense of hope in your post. A new seedling may sprout that may give rise to a brand new beginning. Such is the cycle of life.

    Praying for life to be restored back to normal and for people to weave back the threads of their lives.

    Than you for sharing with us on #WordlessWednesday.

    Much love.

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  6. Pr@Gun says:

    Heartfelt post and I can feel you when you see the picture. That tree has seen all in the family grow and one day suddenly we become helpless in front of nature and can’t even control it. A new plant will surely grow, else just request you to help plant a new sapling in its memory and let it be a chain of trees for all that got destroyed. Let there be peace… prayers.

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