5 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix on ‘Sunset Romance’

Netflix has a great collection of romantic movies. When we think about ‘romantic movies’ we mostly think only of movies involving young couples, however, there are few amazing movies about elderly or middle aged couples that can steal your heart.

Love is not restricted to any age, in fact love between two people way past the prime of youth is often matured, deep and meaningful. It is often a relationship of great bonding and dependence.

Here is a list of 5 best romantic movies on Netflix about old couples

  1. 5 Flights Up: Alex and Ruth Carver, an older couple, want to move because living in a five-storey walk-up is too difficult without an elevator. Alex is a painter and uses one of the rooms as his studio. Ruth is a retired school teacher. They have lived there for 40 years and the neighbourhood have become intertwined with their lives. The movie uses flashback to show the snippets of their life. How Ruth left her parents to get married to a man of colour, how she was unable to get pregnant, how they met and so many beautiful moments from their past life. It also revolves around their pet dog Dorothy and the concern of the old couple for her. If you enjoy soft and mushy stuff with a tinge of deep thoughts and maturity then this is your ‘must watch’ movie. The performances of Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton is an added treat.

2. Something’s Gotta Give: This is a beautiful romantic comedy with an impressive star cast of Jack Nicholson, Keanu Reeves and Diane Keaton. This movie will crack you up and also show that romance comes in all packages and for all ages.

3. As Good as it Gets: Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) is an obsessive-compulsive writer of romantic fiction who’s rude to everyone he meets, including his gay neighbor Simon (Greg Kinnear), but when he has to look after Simon’s dog, he begins to soften and, if still not completely over his problems, finds he can conduct a relationship with the only waitress (Helen Hunt) at the local diner who’ll serve him. Jack Nicholson won the Academy for best actor for this movie.

4. Nights in Rodanthe: Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane) is a woman with her life in chaos, who retreats to the tiny coastal town of Rodanthe in the Outer Banks of North Carolina to tend to a friend’s inn for the weekend. Here she hopes to find the tranquility she so desperately needs to rethink the conflicts surrounding her—a wayward husband who has asked to come home, and a teenaged daughter who resents her every decision.  Almost as soon as Adrienne gets to Rodanthe, a major storm is forecast and Dr. Paul Flanner (Richard Gere) arrives. The only guest at the inn, Flanner is not on a weekend escape but rather is there to face his own crisis of conscience.  Now, with the storm closing in, the two turn to each other for comfort and, in one magical weekend, set in motion a life-changing romance that will resonate throughout the rest of their lives.

5. The Remains of the Day: During the 1930s, James Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) serves as a proper English butler to the doltish Lord Darlington (James Fox). Stevens is so dedicated that he forgoes visiting his father on his deathbed in order to serve, and overlooks Darlington’s Nazi sympathies and growing anti-Semitism. Twenty years after his employer’s death, Stevens tries to reconnect with Miss Kenton (Emma Thompson), Darlington’s head housekeeper, and begins to regret his loyalty to his former master and also how he could never express his genuine affection to Ms. Kenton, who chose to marry someone else.

These movies were a treat to watch. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Do let me know your feedback. Happy watching!!


8 thoughts on “5 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix on ‘Sunset Romance’

  1. Sulagna Pramanik says:

    Absolutely love your post as always. Like I mentioned to you after watching “5 flights up”, I have come to realize that these days or for a long time now I really enjoy films/shows portraying mature relationships. Julie and Eric Powell’s marriage in your listed “Julie & Julia” is also that of maturity, depth and meaning. My appetite for stupid romance has died many moons back.

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  2. the bespectacled mother says:

    I have to watch the Keanu Reaves film and The remains of the day. Being the middle aged woman, I do not like teen stuff at all and I can hardly bear the young people romances. My interests these days are middle aged and older people’s relationships, romantic or otherwise for the same reasons which you have mentioned – maturity, deep and meaningful.

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    • Balaka says:

      You will love each and every movie in this list then. Also watch Paris can wait. I don’t know if it is available on any OTT, I had watched it on my flight to San Francisco. I loved that movie.


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