How to Forgive someone who hurt you

For years, I have struggled to forgive those who hurt me. Some have hurt me in the past, others are hurting me now. Let me tell you, it is not easy to forgive others. Forgiving is not a destination but a journey and we should forgive others for our own sake. By forgiving the person who hurt us, we start our own healing journey. For our own sake we should forgive.

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  • Forgiveness doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to forgive someone else truly. Sometimes it can take years to forgive the person. I know, there are people whom I have still not forgiven. There are some whom I have forgotten and not forgiven. Or maybe I totally forgot about them and they do not matter anymore.
  • At times we get hurt not because of the other person but due to our own ego, greed, stubbornness and pride. Therefore, it is important to understand where we stand before starting the process. Often we realise that it was equally our fault and the other person was just retaliating.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the other person and see why he or she did whatever they did that caused pain to you. Often we would realize that the person hurt us unknowingly
  • Practice compassion. Always believe that who hurts you is the one who needs compassion because he or she is not well. So always pray for the person who hurts you.
  • Forgive but also learn your lesson. Do not let the person hurt you again and again. Forgive but do not forget and never give them opportunity to hurt you again.
  • Protect yourself from those who hurt you. Never let them hurt you again. Learn to draw boundaries.
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