An instructional designer by profession and a storyteller by passion is how I describe myself. “Curating Memories, Weaving Stories” is all that I am trying to do. Trina Looks Back is all about looking back at my life and curating memories to weave stories.

Once you join me on my blog I take you on an unforgettable journey through my life. My blog is my window to tell the world my stories. Here you will meet numerous people and characters. Some of them you would probably identify with and some you wouldn’t. Nevertheless, you will find a connection with all of them. Apart from memoirs also join me for stories, memoirs, anecdotes, journeys, emotions, sentiments, images, imageries and travel tales.  This blog is like that streetside corner cafe where you sit with a cup of coffee, and quietly watch the world as a passerby.  I want you to relax here and when you leave you should feel happy and content.

Trina is my pen name, and in a way, my alter ego. Since childhood stories always attracted me, and I was often caught weaving imaginary stories. Those were my first figments of imagination. Masters degree in Comparative Literature and M.Phil in Women’s Studies further encouraged me to imagine. My syllabus allowed me to read stories from across the world and from different perspectives. I also have a degree in Mass Communication.

Apart from all this, I am also a proud mother of a very naughty and car-crazy boy. A loner and introvert, I love talking to myself.

My book of memoir is available on Amazon. Follow the link below to buy.

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I also take up freelance writing assignments for blogs, brands, websites, ghostwriting etc. I also do book and product reviews. Do get in touch with me basu(dot)balaka(at)gmail.com or join me on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram