The Pets that Adopted us

Most people adopt pets but I have been always adopted by pets. They just land up in front of me and never let me leave. They stick to me stubbornly. When we lived in Gangtok, we had a street dog called Julie. It was an extremely fluffy and cute dog. One day it took shelter … Continue reading The Pets that Adopted us


Wedding Venue

“How many times have I told you not to bring me to your friend Soumitra’s exhibitions? I don’t understand a thing about modern art” Trina said angrily. “Neither do I” Himu chuckled. “Why did we come then?” her voice still angry “I have an idea to convert this to our wedding venue. There are tables, … Continue reading Wedding Venue

The Blind Knitter

“Who knits these caps?” asked Trina. “My mom” The boy replied. “How many she knits in a day?” “3-4” “How many do you sell?” “Depends. On good days 5, on bad days nil” “What else do you do for a living?” Trina was finding it difficult to understand how they survive with such limited income. … Continue reading The Blind Knitter