Look Outside Your Window

When I looked out of my window, the ugly patchwork of brown plaster stared back at me. Renovation is going on in the opposite building. Just like an old fractured person who walks with a walker, the walker surrounding and supporting it from three sides, the opposite building is also surrounded and supported by bamboo … Continue reading Look Outside Your Window


Spring Love

Cold winter heart, Pale and tired Searching for warmth   Like spring sunshine You came Flowers bloomed Birds crooned Clouds came Love blossomed Warm spring heart Tender and desired   Spring left soon Scorching summer Falling autumn Winter is back Memories of spring Cherished eternal Winter lasts longer Heart is cold forever.   P.S. Poetry … Continue reading Spring Love

Rhythm and Rambling

The Rhythm of life clogged The lift got lodged Heartbeat turned into violent palpitation Is this how everything ends? She fought to bring back life again How they always fought It was a deep slumber She couldn't wake him up Guilt, frustration, sorrow, anger Revolved in a Rhythm of pain via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic