My Sanctum #wordlesswednesday

Ever since the Covid crisis began, it has taken a toll on our mental peace. I am struggling hard to get some "me-time". A time when I can peacefully sit with my cup of tea and look out of the window. These days I am always at the beck and call of the two boys … Continue reading My Sanctum #wordlesswednesday


Pillars of Faith #WordlessWednesday

I am virtually traveling back to all the places that I have ever visited in my life. This trip was taken last year. I was stunned by the golden pillars and tried to capture it unfiltered. Linking to Esha and Natasha for Wordless Wednesday.

Story of an Uprooted Mango Tree during Cyclone Amphan #prayforbengal

Today, early in the morning, my cousin brother sent me this picture. This is the picture of our ancestral home in the suburbs of Kolkata. This one image depicts the damage and devastation my home state West Bengal went through in one evening due to cyclone Amphan. It was hard to recognise my own home, … Continue reading Story of an Uprooted Mango Tree during Cyclone Amphan #prayforbengal

Never Neglect the Clock #WordlessWednesday

This is the famous Astronomical Clock of Prague. Local legend is that the city will suffer if the clock is neglected. No wonder, when I visited, I found it under repairs. Nevertheless, the beauty was prominent even amidst the repair work. Linking this to Wordless Wednesday hosted by Natasha and Esha.