English Breakfast #WordlessWednesday

Couple of weeks back, I made this for my sonny boy. He is fond of English Breakfast from Theobroma, a local patisseri, however due to the lockdown, he couldn't have it for long, so I decided to prepare it for myself. I posted this on Facebook and my dear blogger friend Anamika said that I … Continue reading English Breakfast #WordlessWednesday


Pillars of Faith #WordlessWednesday

I am virtually traveling back to all the places that I have ever visited in my life. This trip was taken last year. I was stunned by the golden pillars and tried to capture it unfiltered. Linking to Esha and Natasha for Wordless Wednesday.

View From the Top

We are in the fifth month of Lockdown. Going by the statistics it doesn't seem that we would come out of it anytime soon. We have to adjust to the new normal. This lockdown has taken away from me my greatest pleasure "traveling". I loved traveling but Covid 19 wouldn't let me travel for the … Continue reading View From the Top