Helpful Tips to Plan Your Kashmir Trip

I had always fancied Kashmir. However,  had given up hope of ever visiting it, given the situation there. I am really grateful to the almighty for making this dream a reality.  The trip began on a slightly bumpy track. Our Mumbai Srinagar flight got delayed by 6 hours. Spicejet showed such an unprofessional attitude in … Continue reading Helpful Tips to Plan Your Kashmir Trip


Pillars of Faith #WordlessWednesday

I am virtually traveling back to all the places that I have ever visited in my life. This trip was taken last year. I was stunned by the golden pillars and tried to capture it unfiltered. Linking to Esha and Natasha for Wordless Wednesday.

View From the Top

We are in the fifth month of Lockdown. Going by the statistics it doesn't seem that we would come out of it anytime soon. We have to adjust to the new normal. This lockdown has taken away from me my greatest pleasure "traveling". I loved traveling but Covid 19 wouldn't let me travel for the … Continue reading View From the Top

Never Neglect the Clock #WordlessWednesday

This is the famous Astronomical Clock of Prague. Local legend is that the city will suffer if the clock is neglected. No wonder, when I visited, I found it under repairs. Nevertheless, the beauty was prominent even amidst the repair work. Linking this to Wordless Wednesday hosted by Natasha and Esha.