Red Roses for Proposal #ShortStory

"I don't like red roses," she replied with a smirk. Anish felt like an idiot with a bouquet of roses in his hands and a ring in his pocket while the woman he intended to propose was half-twirling with her left toe raised and heel firmly digging the ground. The smirk and amusement was still … Continue reading Red Roses for Proposal #ShortStory


Gwendolyn Brooks- A Poet, A Mother #writebravely #celebratewritetribe

"One reason why cats are happier than people is that they have no newspapers." – Gwendolyn Brooks This year Write Tribe chose quotes from seven female authors as prompts for the Write Tribe Festival of Words. I chose 'word' prompts for my previous three posts, however, for my fourth post I am selecting a 'quote' … Continue reading Gwendolyn Brooks- A Poet, A Mother #writebravely #celebratewritetribe

Review of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- #Writetribereadingchallenge2019 #readbravely

I had read a lot of good, bad and ugly reviews about this book. Many reviewers absolutely trashed this book while others generously praised. Undoubtedly, I was curious about the book and when I finally read it I found this book  UNPUTDOWNABLE in one word. A real page-turner. I have not read such a thrilling … Continue reading Review of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- #Writetribereadingchallenge2019 #readbravely