Pablo on a Plane

Pablo the Great was only two and a half months old when he first boarded an aeroplane. Baba dropped them to the airport. After entering the huge airport Ma was clumsily trying to manage her luggage while managing Pablo in his sling. Pablo was curiously looking around. Pablo found everything around him so big and flashy. He had never seen so many people before other than all those visitors who came to “see” him after he was born. Most of them tried to carry him and cuddle him and squeeze him, irritating him to such extent that often he did susu all over them in retaliation.

Ma, for some godforsaken reason was going round and round inside the airport. Finally after stopping for the umpteenth time they boarded a big thing. Later on Pablo came to know it was a Bus. From the bus Pablo could see a series of huge, mostly white coloured bird like objects standing in a queue. Most of them had big wings and conical pointed face. They had numerous eyes, or probably ears or noses. Pablo was pretty confused. There was too much noise around. Ma got down from the bus in front of one of those peculiar objects. A staircase was fitted to it which Ma started climbing. Soon Pablo entered into that huge bird. A smiling and beautiful girl was standing near the door. She greeted Namaste to Ma and gave a peck on Pablo’s chubby cheeks. Pablo almost blushed. He loved pretty girls with manicured nails unlike those hairy aunties who keep coming to their house.

Ma sat down with Pablo in the front seat. After a while that pretty girl who welcomed them came near their seat and bent forward to give Ma few instructions on how to travel safe with infants. Ma was nodding to whatever the pretty girl was saying. Pablo almost fell in love with that girl. His first crush was that air hostess (much later he learnt that name). Pablo was quite happy till now. He also attentively tried to listen to a demonstration the pretty girl made with some belts and funny face covers. Pablo almost felt like jumping to that girl’s lap. However Ma looked tensed, her brows were knitted in a frown.

Slowly Pablo felt that this huge bird started moving. All of a sudden Ma started pushing the feeding bottle into his mouth even though he was not hungry. Pablo felt deeply embarrassed no way was he going to suck onto this in front of that pretty girl. Why is Ma behaving like a Moron? And then there was a jerk and Pablo felt somebody has stuffed his ears. It was paining badly and Pablo couldn’t control himself and started crying. Ma was trying to soothe him but he was crying even louder.

After a while Pablo felt his body became lighter, and when he saw out of the window they were in the sky. Pablo was excited; he was inside a bird that was flying. His ear was still aching but he ignored and started looking out of the window. Ma was playing a spoilsport though, she was constantly patting Pablo in a vain attempt to put him to sleep. Now who wants to sleep when one is flying? Ma has lost her mind for sure.

Pablo saw that young pretty girl was coming towards their seat. She had such red lips. Why doesn’t Ma put such bright colours? She would also look pretty. The girl came near and asked Ma something which Ma answered by nodding her head. The girl went back. Pablo felt sad when the girl went away and he started crying. Ma again vigorously started patting him and embarrassingly looking around. Why does Ma look so embarrassed? Is it because Pablo is crying?

The pretty girl came back with some food for Ma. Oh Great!! Food has come for Ma that means this is the potty time for Pablo. He loves to do potty whenever Ma starts eating. The moment Ma put the first bite inside her mouth; she smelt a foul smell and knew it was from Pablo’s diaper. Pablo felt excited because he knew now it would be fun. Ma looks very harassed whenever she has to change Pablo’s diapers alone in a public place. Pablo loves that harassed look on his Ma’s face.

Pablo rose from her seat, went inside the bathroom with Pablo. The lavatory as they call it was too tiny and Pablo started crying at the top of his voice. Poor Ma was struggling to keep Pablo quiet and strip his diaper, change. Pablo felt sad looking at Ma’s hassled face. So once Ma removed the soiled diaper he became quiet. After coming back to the seat Ma gave a bottle of warm formula to Pablo that the pretty helped Ma to prepare. Once Pablo started sucking his favourite Avent bottle he doesn’t remember much and probably he had dozed off to sleep.






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