What a Day? Valentine’s Day

My better half is the kind of person who remembers to forget things. If he goes to the market with a grocery list containing 12 items then conveniently he would buy only the first four happily omitting the remaining eight. Even the first four would have a warped destiny. For example, if his grocery list … Continue reading What a Day? Valentine’s Day


Trek to Taktsang #WanderfulWednesday

This Valentine's Day I dedicate #WanderfulWednesday post to my son, who is my true love of life (goes without saying) and who made me proud by trekking to the Taktsang Monastery. It is one of the difficult and challenging treks and you gain merit with every step. Like a typical mother, I was worried to no end when … Continue reading Trek to Taktsang #WanderfulWednesday


“Keep an eye on the boat,” said inspector Raghav. “But Sir, I think they will use roadway,” said Arjun “Roadway is too risky, difficult to escape, the waterway is easier. He is a trained underwater diver” there was scorn in Raghav’s voice. “How do you know he is trained?” “I do my homework” “But Sandra … Continue reading Escape

Thirsty Branches- #ThursdayTreeLove

'The barren, leafless tree looks thirsty and it is reaching the water to quench its thirst.' This is the thought that crossed my mind when I came across this tree in Somnath during our Road Trip to Gujarat. What do you feel? Do leave a comment. Linking this to #ThursdayTreeLove-33 hosted by Parul.